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Sister Misconduct
Loves Jesus
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29th-Mar-2011 08:13 pm - "Suckers"
Goth Jesus
Just in time for Easter: Cross-shaped suckers and other Jesus-approved treats! I'm going to order me some Tangy Tarts™ Scripture Candy™.
29th-Mar-2011 07:57 pm - I swear to God I'm still alive.
Socialist Jesus lol
Breaking news: New Evidence Suggests God Also Had Incredibly Busty Daughter

Apparently a lot of the images I've posted over the years are now dead links... For shame. I might have to start hosting them myself from now on.
26th-Sep-2009 09:31 pm(no subject)
Goth Jesus

26th-Sep-2009 09:25 pm(no subject)
Jesus Fish
1st-May-2009 01:42 pm(no subject)
Goth Jesus
Hunky Jesus 2009: "Brokeback Jesus" Beats "Livestock Jesus" In Recount

Thousands of San Franciscans filled Dolores Park for the city's annual Hunky Jesus contest, a part of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Easter celebration.
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